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Social Media and Teens

Facebook is slowly becoming passe for older teens. Twitter is the new facebook. Teens are posting clever, witty and thoughtful posts in 140 characters or less. I shudder when I see what some teens are tweeting that are visible to anyone on their very public twitter page. I ran across this blog written by Jeff Bullas. On one particular post, he lists 30 things you should not share on social media. It was intended for adults but teens should take note. Posts on any type of social media may come back to bite you in the you-know-where in the future. It might not make sense to you now and you may not believe me but someday when you are applying for a job or some other important event, trust me, they will find it and it will impact you severely.

This is the list written by Jell Bullas:

30 Things You Should Not Share on Social Media

  1. What chicken you are plucking or cow you’re milking on Farmville on Facebook
  2. How many you have killed on Mafia wars or where they are buried.. again on Facebook
  3. Party photos showing you inebriated or a hand placed where it shouldn’t be
  4. That you are having a party.. you might get more guests than you counted on
  5. Photos revealing you flirting with the bosses wife at the annual work Christmas party
  6. That you are having an affair
  7. That you are thinking of having an affair
  8. Complaints about your boss
  9. That you hate your job and want to leave.. you might get your wish.. involuntarily
  10. Don’t share photos or an event that reveals that you were not sick that day at work
  11. That are you are planning to take a sickie
  12. Drama with your friends
  13. Issues with your parents
  14. Passwords.. unless you have more money than brains
  15. Hints about passwords like dogs names
  16. Images and videos of your children
  17. Updates on Facebook after you have escaped from Jail and on the run (don’t laugh it has happened)
  18. Revealing your thoughts about a court case… when on jury duty
  19. Don’t link personal sites to professional business sites like LinkedIn.. don’t mix business with pleasure
  20. Financial information such as how much money you do or don’t have in your bank account
  21. Personal Information
  22. How to get more friends or followers.. it already sounds like a scam
  23. You are leaving on a holiday
  24. The dates you are away on your holiday
  25. Your daily schedule.. burglars have been known to use these little hints to their advantage
  26. Showing you doing something stupid .. not good for personal branding
  27. Your bodily functions
  28. Revealing extreme views on Race, Religion or politics
  29. What you had for breakfast
  30. Finally, If you are not comfortable about it … don’t share it

Read more at http://www.jeffbullas.com/2010/03/21/30-things-you-should-not-share-on-social-media/#b9BK3UFcX5kix8r8.99

And if I might add directed to my own kids– NEVER post anything that you would not want any of your grandparents to read.



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